Ecuadorian Foundation Elohim Fee

IMG_1417In 2006 Daniel Mejia along with a group of friends decided to feed poor children one day a week in a neighborhood north of Quito Ecuador. His mission was not only to feed their physical needs, but their spiritual needs. Elohim Ecuadorian Foundation also known as Feecuador seeks to provide social programs to reach children by feeding their bodies and their souls. Many of these children come from an environment of crime, drugs, alcohol and abuse.

IMG_1420This mission works on the restoration of children and youth at risk. Through educational programs youth are provided help and hope based on Christian principles, values and ethics. While proper nutrition is a problem in this area Feecuador helps families and single-mother households by providing lunchtime food dining. This is done in various locations also known as canteens.

IMG_1419Another mission of Feecuador is providing and managing medical services for children along with dental checkups. Along with medical services Feecuador provides daily tutoring to help children with their studies in schools. These along with evangelistic concerts, English language courses, Vacation Bible School and many other services are what Feecuador is doing to help provide their community with the hope of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Local Mission TeamPictured to the right is the local mission team in Ecuador. The vision of Feecuador is to establish 100 pastors in 100 churches ministering to the nation of Ecuador. Currently Alejandro and Katy Mejia are the pastors in Elohim Church in Quito. Much of the support that Macedonia Baptist Church in Jacksonville Florida provides is for food such as vegetables, rice, potatoes and cereal for poor children in the area.