Sermon: Rejoice in Faith

We live in a world that does not like the concept of sacrifice. We live in a country that has enjoyed enormous prosperity. Our children get to go to school, we have hospitals were people can get care, when an accident happens we have people to respond to emergencies, and we have social programs to provide for those in need. However the life we live cannot be measured by how much we have, nor how much we suffer. No. However in the midst of suffering or a life lacking can you rejoice? How can you have faith in the midst of sacrifice or suffering?

In this message we hear a story of woman whose life was changed when God blessed her with a son. When Hannah was able to bare a son she was faithful to her vow and prayed a prayer of praise and rejoicing. However her life was not so much based on what she had, but who God is.

Hannah’s faith rejoiced not in just the deliverance from her circumstances, but who God is. Believers today must rejoice who God is rather than what our perception is of our circumstances. Because the very act of faith is a response to the object of your faith!

Sermon: Home Awaits!

How does remembering that you were made for eternity affect the way you will live your life today? Each of us needs to know that God has appointed a place, a relationship and a heritage for all who desire to come to him through his Son Jesus Christ.

In this message we hear how the apostle John was given a glimpse of the fulfillment of God’s promise to his creation. This promise is our hope for our real home, and the gifts, which await for all who believe in Jesus.

Sermon: The Best News Ever Heard

Each of us gets news from time to time. Sometimes it involves us directly and other times it does not. However the difference is not the news we get, but the hope that we have. When Mary Magdalene announced the news of the risen Jesus to the grieving disciples she said, “I have seen the Lord.” So the Bible announces hope for everyone who gets the news of the resurrection.

In this message we see three reasons for the best news ever heard, the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The news of the resurrection demands a response from everyone, because that news directly effects everyone for salvation. The key verse for this message is the gospel of John 20:18.

Sermon: 7th Word from the Cross – Committal

If you knew the final moments of your life what words would you choose to say? The last words Jesus spoke was, “Father, into your hands I commit my spirit” (Luke 23:46). Just prior to the death of Jesus on the cross he faced the choice, save himself or save the world. While his choice saves us, his choice forces everyone to make a decision. Whom will you choose?

In this message we conclude our sermon series: 7 Words from the Cross. In it we are faced with the decision to define our relationship with Jesus Christ. His decision was made and so now we are given that same choice.